Thursday, October 18, 2007

She Got Her Sense of Humor From Her Dad

This morning Katie was playing with the baby and decided to tell her a joke.

Katie- “Knock-knock.”
Answering herself, because the baby can’t talk, “Who’s there?”
Katie again- “Banana head. Guess who’s a banana head? You’re a banana head. Yes, you are, you’re a banana head. Yes, you are. You’re a banana head. You’re a banana head.”

This was then repeated approximately fifty more times in the next three minutes. Does that explain why I needed a nap this morning?


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of a conversation my sister told me about between her toddler boy and his father: "Daaaddy", "Gaaaby", "Daddy", "Gaby", "Daaddy", "Gaaby", "Daddy", "Gaby" get the idea. She chalked it up to mens' ideas of good conversation. What was weird was, the dad wanted to spend time with his son, and wouldn't let him outside to play with the rest of the kids. I guess that too was their way of practicing "quality time" together.

Janie said...

This is hilarious, and explains why you need a nap....probably many mornings! Banana Head!