Monday, October 08, 2007

Little Girls

Katie was watching TV this morning and I saw that there was a commercial for a doll. Katie used to play with dolls all the time and that was the only kind of toy that she ever wanted. Then she had a new baby sister that she thinks is WAY better than any doll. So now her dolls reside in the toy box, all but forgotten.

Me- “Do you think that you might like to have that doll for your birthday?”

Katie- “No.”

Me- “Well, what do you think that you would like to get then?’

Katie’s face lights up and she gets all excited- “Pink shoes what snap open and then snap closed again! And a pink skirt and a pink shirt!”
(‘What’ is not a typo. See this for an explanation of how Katie talks).

Little girls are so much different from little boys. When my boys were little, they always wanted to look at toys any time we went shopping. The girls never even suggest that. I’m not sure that they even know that Target has a toy section. If they do know, they certainly don’t care. They just want to look at the clothes and the shoes.

They love buying new clothes and can’t wait to get home and try things on. Since they are so close in age, they can wear the same size in most things and they love to trade, each taking turns trying on each item. I have to assume that this is normal for girls. I have never tried to discourage an interest in toys. They just happen to prefer clothes.

I had Claire downtown a few days ago and she saw an article of clothing that she was admiring. I didn’t realize that she was even paying attention since we weren’t shopping for clothes at the time.

As soon as we got in the car, Claire started talking about clothes, so excited that she was almost breathless, “Mommy, I saw the most FABLIOUS coat! Can we buy it?”

I explained that it was a grown-up coat but she still wasn’t discouraged. She wanted to buy it anyway and save it until she was a grown-up. It was just that fablious.

And that never goes out of style.


Candace said...

I can't believe how different my boy and girl are at 3 and half and one and a half! already, he so active and she was just lazy as can be as a baby. I'm nervous for what is to come. Your girls are gorgeous.

NocturnalRN said...

How adorable!

Mia said...

how freakin' CUTE those girls are! I WANT them! ::laughing::