Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back Home

Claire is back home again. It turns out that she had pneumonia. Her doctor wanted to keep her another night but decided that she could leave in the early evening, after one more dose of I.V. antibiotics. Claire is still taking a bunch of medicines but she is doing much better and was even fighting with Katie right after arriving home.

Katie was upset about being away from Claire, the baby and me for so long. She was with her older brother, William, Friday morning. William told me that Katie had left the house by herself because she got scared when he was upstairs in the bathroom. She went to a neighbor’s house and William had to search to find her. When he found her she was crying and saying, “I was so scared.” She was so upset that she let him carry her home and normally she would smack him if he tried to pick her up.

When I got home I tried to talk to Katie about what had happened and let her know that she wasn’t in trouble. Katie refuses to talk about it and acts like nothing happened. I feel terrible that she thought that she had been left alone in the house. She seems happy to have everything back to normal, although she denies having missed her sister.

I caught up on my sleep this weekend and that has really helped.


martoon said...

Hope everyone recovers soon. Take care x

Mia said...


Hugs to everybody!