Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You're NOT Going to Believe This One

Today I took the girls to see the ENT regarding their ongoing tonsil problems. He examined both girls and confirmed that the tonsils need to go. Their surgeries will be the same day sometime in October. He was questioning me about dates that would be convenient and I told him that any time in the next couple of weeks would be fine, since I have not yet gone back to work.

The odd thing was that he seemed to think that I was a student. When he questioned me, I told him that, no, I had graduated with my doctorate almost 12 years ago. He seemed quite puzzled and I was not understanding his confusion until he said that he thought I was about 25. Here is the part where I must admit my age to make the point. I am 42.

I told my teenage son about the doctor visit and he laughed. He then said, "Maybe he was hitting on you. That would be kind of funny but kind of gross too."

Now, of course someone thinking that I am only 25 is flattering but it really begs the question. Would you trust this man to perform surgery on your kids? I can’t help but wonder if his eyesight is ok.


NocturnalRN said...

Or you could be looking damn good, mama! What is your secret? I need to know.

Candace said...

I'm excited for you! Score one for our team you sexy mama!

Janie said...

You go girl!! Don't worry about it. Just take it all in. You look good!! Since you are my soul sister with the 6 kid thing, maybe you can share some pointers! I am dying for someone to think I am anything less than 43!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd be questioning his judgment. While it is flattering, it has to make you wonder. Didn't he know how many kids you've alrady had?

L.B. said...

S- No, he didn't know. I had 3 with me and since the oldest was 6, that might explain where he came to the conclusion that I was 25. If my oldest had been there, I would have had to act like I was the step-mother or risk blowing my cover!