Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer Break

It is that time of year for parents to prepare for the kids going back to school. I am looking forward to it because it means one less screaming child that I have to deal with. The biggest problem with summer break is the fighting. Since Claire and Katie are a little less than 18 months apart they are either having a great time playing together or beating the hell out of each other. There is nothing in between. I swear that girls fight way more than boys.

Claire missed the last day of school last May due to strep throat. A few days later her sister had it as well. They both finished a course of antibiotics but both had strep again a few days later. More antibiotics and then, again, they came down with strep. And again. You get the idea. We have the strep that just won’t go away. This began May 25th and they are still taking antibiotics. They are now doing a 30 day course and I am very hopeful that this will do the trick.

I have noticed that the last few weeks that Katie has become much more difficult to manage. She talks really loud, gets in all kinds of trouble and then refuses to go to time out. She screams all the time. She acts as if she is hyperactive and literally reminds of Gilda Radner when she was playing the hyper kid jumping on the bed on Saturday Night Live. Yeah. Try living with that.

I was telling a friend about the change in Katie’s behavior and she suggested that it could be a result of the antibiotics causing a Candida overgrowth. I did some research and was surprised to find that Katie’s symptoms were classic for that. She has now started on a probiotic that should help replace the normal flora. I noticed an improvement in her behavior after the first 24 hours. I am really hoping that she continues to improve and her sweet funny pre-antibiotic personality returns soon.

I was tucking her in a couple of nights ago and I said, “You’re a good girl, Katie."
She hugged me and replied, “You are too, Mommy.”

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Mark said...

Yes I would look at the food and whatever they ingest first. Food and drink is the first thing that makes you feel good/healthy or not.
I am maybe overly sensitive and had to go with just plain filters cold water as a drink, as the "frozen berry concentrated juice" I was drinking, was making me weird. I did and do love drinking that berry chemical stuff, but wisdom prevents me from buying and drinking it.