Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cats and Dogs

I live in a neighborhood that is filled with cats. Some are pets but plenty are feral cats that are fed by a local cat lover. Most of the time the cats don’t present much of a problem, other than paw prints on cars.

My friend and neighbor, Jamie, recently had some problems with a stray cat. According to her, this wasn’t a regular stray but more like a demon cat. It was a big, mangy black cat that persisted in hanging out on her porch despite the fact that she kept chasing it off. One day, Jamie looked out the window of her front door and saw the devil cat on her porch yet again. She noticed that the cat had something in it’s mouth and thought that it had a kitten. Immediately her thoughts about the cat changed and in her mind it was now ok, because it was a mom cat carrying her little baby kitten. Then she realized with shock and disgust that it was not a whole kitten but just the head of a kitten. She screamed at the cat and it ran off leaving behind the head.

She was extremely upset and wanted the head gone before her kids were traumatized so she called the police to come remove the head. They misunderstood and thought that she wanted animal control to come get a stray cat but finally managed to convey that it was just part of a cat. Since this is a small town, the police arrived quickly and removed the head from her front porch.

A few days ago I met the biggest dog I have ever seen in my entire life. This dog is a 170 pound English Mastiff. I had heard about the dog and was a bit afraid of bumping into him despite the fact that the owner said he was just a big baby. When I did encounter the dog, I was shocked to find that is was indeed an accurate description. He wagged his tail as he walked up to me and put his head against me wanting to be petted. Shortly thereafter, a woman and a little boy walked by the glass doors. The woman’s mouth dropped open when she saw the size of the beast inside. The little boy paused as well upon seeing the dog. As soon as the dog saw the boy, he went to his basket of toys and took out a ball, then running to the door to show the boy. It was so obvious that he just wanted to play.

It was really very sweet. I was telling Jamie about the dog and the boy and it brought back some of her memories.
She said,”Hey, it’s kind of like that cat, bringing me other cat’s heads.”

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Janie said...

My neighborhood is filled with feral cats that keep having kittens. Demon cats they are, scrawny, not fed and aggressive. They have persisted in using my yard as a litter box. Disgusting, but I must say, the thought of a kitten head left on my porch freaks me out a bit more than poo!