Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Company's Coming

Claire is very interested in the business of newborns. She has a lot of questions, including those pertaining to the stump from the umbilical cord.

“Why is her electrical cord turning black?"

I should have known that there was going to be a whole lot of entertainment value after that comment. Even now that the umbilical stump has fallen off, the amusing comments continue.

I was changing the baby’s diaper and noticed that it was oozing a bit. Claire and Katie were standing right there observing, as usual. I asked Katie to hand me an alcohol pad, which is her normal contribution to the procedure.

Claire asked why I needed it, evidently thinking that since the blackened stump was gone that we were done with that part. After twelve straight hours of questions, I was just not in the mood to explain why I needed the swab again.

“I don’t know Claire. Why do you think I need it?”

Claire replies, “I don’t know. Somebody’s coming over?”

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