Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Flu, Too

The last couple of days the girls have been sick with the stomach flu. Katie, 4, found Claire’s throwing up amusing. So amusing in fact, that she would run at the sound of Claire's vomiting. Run to watch.

Then she started throwing up herself and it wasn’t quite so funny. Katie, throwing up in a trash can while howling, “IT DOESN’T TASTE GOOD!!!"

Their big brother has it today. I was questioning Claire about whether he had left for school and she said that he hadn’t. I asked her why he was still in his room and she replied matter-of-factly, “He has diarrhea.”

Hmmm. I am now suspicious. Why would a teenage boy discuss a bowel dysfunction with his five year-old sister? I decided to continue my interrogation.

"How do you know he has diarrhea?"
Claire says, "He told me."
"What did you say?'
Claire responds in a bored tone, "I said, 'Whatever. That's disgusting.' "

Yep, all set for her teen years.

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