Thursday, April 05, 2007

Parenthood Can be Very Rewarding (Or So I Hear)

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my four year-old, Katie. I was telling her that the next day we were going to a town close to here to go shopping. She then told me that I did not need to go, that instead she would just go with her sister and her dad. So I asked her if she would miss me if I stayed home. She said “no" without any hesitation whatsoever. Then she said, “But I will need you.” I’m thinking that at last the kid has come to her senses and would actually miss her mommy. So I asked, ”What will you need me for?” Once again, I was positive that the answer will be something terribly sweet emphasizing just how much she would miss me.
Instead she responded in a very no nonsense tone with, “I will need you to get me a Frosty.”

The minute that kid figures out how to get herself to a drive-through without me, I’m obsolete.

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