Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Finding yourself pregnant after a certain age (40) can be a little disconcerting. After all, it is one thing if you have been going through fertility treatments and have had a public struggle to conceive. It is quite another if you just turn up pregnant.
The first response to my news from a good friend was, “I just read a story on the internet the other day about a 67 year old woman who gave birth to twins.” Am I now bordering on becoming a medical curiosity?

For some reason, the announcement of pregnancy in someone my age is downright shocking and begging for commentary. It would seem that I am now automatically placed in the position of justifying how this happened, exactly. A few years ago, one of my single friends became pregnant. She ran into an obnoxious (and drunk) acquaintance a few months after the baby was born. He said,” I heard you went and had a baby. How in the hell did that happen?” To which she responded, ”Well, Mike, I believe we were doing it doggy style that night.”

The moral to that story is to be careful asking for too many details. After all, you just might get them.

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