Friday, February 08, 2008

Earlier today I was in the car with all three girls, going home after picking Claire up from school. Claire and Katie started fighting and I decided that it was time to try to distract them in an attempt to maintain my sanity.

I started to talk to them about the possibility of an upcoming trip to a nearby city.

Me- “Hey, how would you guys like to take a trip out of town and stay in a hotel?”

Claire- “No.”

Me- “Well you know, we can take Andrea with us and stay in a hotel with a pool.”

Katie- “Does Andrea have a swimming suit?”

Me- “Yes.”

Katie- “Well, do you have a swimming suit?”

Me- “Yes. But I will probably have to do some exercise first so I don’t look funny in it.”

Katie- “You ALREADY look funny.” Followed by laughing. That kid, she has a mean streak.


Janie said...

Yes, I too have experienced the humiliation of children's honesty.

Then I do my own private version of America' s Next Top Model in my room and decide that I look MAHVELOUS for having six kids!

So do you! Just bust out in that bathing suit!!

Janie said...

Aren't kids wonderful?! So if we were trying to be even a little delusional about how we look, they help us out!

S said...

They get their sense of humor from you, so at least you can appreciate it even when it's at your expense.